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Comprehensive Lake Management Planning

This type of plan assures that the lake is managed at the ecosystem-level by including components addressing native and non-native aquatic plants, lake water quality, and watershed impacts. Stakeholder participation and education is a critical component in the success and implementation of this type of plan. Each comprehensive plan also encompasses an aquatic plant management plan as described below.

Aquatic Plant Management Planning

Our aquatic plant management plans incorporate the needs of the lake’s users and the lake’s ecology. If needed, plans may included herbicide applications, harvesting, draw downs, or other suitable treatments based upon the lake’s situation. Protection of important native habitat is also a vital part of every plan.

Diagnostic / Feasibility Studies

These types of studies are designed to diagnose a particular problem within a lake and then determine feasible alternatives to correct or minimize it. For example, a study may be conducted to diagnosis if internal nutrient loading is a significant source of phosphorus fueling nuisance algae blooms. If internal loading was a problem, information would be gathered to determine the feasibility of completing an alum treatment at the lake.

Grant Writing

Many of the projects we develop with our clients are eligible for matching funds through the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources grant programs. In most cases, Onterra will complete the grant applications materials at no charge to the client if the client agrees to use Onterra as their consultant if the project is funded.

Pre-treatment Surveys


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